Lodz poland 1939

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Lodz poland 1939

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Lodz Holocaust Encyclopedia

  • The city of Łódź (Lodz) is located about 85 miles southwest of Warsaw, Poland
  • The Jews of Lodz formed the second largest Jewish community in prewar Poland, after Warsaw
  • German troops occupied Lodz on September 8, 1939
  • This was one week after Germany invaded Poland on September 1
  • Lodz was annexed to Germany as part of the Warthegau.

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Poland, Łódź Ghetto Inhabitant Lists, 1939-1944 (USHMM)

  • Łódż, Poland, Ghetto Hospital Death Records, 1941-1944
  • This database contains the names of individuals who died in the Lodz Ghetto Hospital(s) between 24 November 1941 and 18 June 1944
  • Information was extracted from two sources: (1) the Ghetto Hospital Records, and (2) the Statistical Office Records.

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The Lodz Ghetto Holocaust Encyclopedia

  • Lodz had the second largest Jewish population in prewar Poland, after Warsaw
  • German troops occupied Lodz in September 1939
  • In early February 1940, the Germans established a ghetto in Lodz and crowded more than 150,000 Jews into an area of about one and a half square miles
  • In 1941 and 1942 almost 40,000 Central European Jews and 5,000 Roma (Gypsies) were also …

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Lodz Surname List 1936-1939 Jewish Records Indexing

  • Lodz Surnames (Marriage & Death) 1936-1939
  • Write to [email protected] for index entries for your family records  The Award-Winning Searchable Database of Indexes to Jewish Records of Poland
  • JRI-Poland is an independent non-profit tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S

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Occupation of Poland (1939–1945)

  • In September 1939 Poland was invaded and occupied by two powers: Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, acting in accordance with the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact
  • Germany acquired 48.4% of the former Polish territory
  • Under the terms of two decrees by Hitler, with Stalin's agreement (8 and 12 October 1939), large areas of western Poland were annexed by Germany.

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Vintage: Poland during Interwar period (1918-1939

  • The History of interwar Poland comprises the period from the re-recreation of the independent Polish state in 1918, until the joint Invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union in 1939 at the onset of World War II
  • The two decades of Poland’s sovereignty between the world wars are known as the Interbellum.

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Polish Betrayers Betrayed Poles Polish-Jewish Relations

  • Country of Ash: A Jewish Doctor in Poland, 1939-1945, by Edward Reicher, Magda Bogin, Elisabeth Bizouard-Reicher
  • Polish Betrayers Blackmailed Not Only Jews But Also Poles
  • Debunking the Polonophobic Holocaust Myth of the Antisemitic Greedy Paid Polish Rescuer of Jews

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Jewish Families of Łódź, Poland

  • At the time, it was the largest structure in the heart of the city and was known as the "Great" Synagogue
  • It too was burned down in 1939 during the Nazi occupation
  • A third synagogue, the Vilker Shul, was opened in 1899 and was demolished in 1939 with the rest of the synagogues
  • By 1897, the Jewish population of Lodz numbered nearly 99,000

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Lodz Army, Polish Army, 01.09.1939

World War II Armed Forces — Orders of Battle and Organizations: Last Updated 27.06.2011

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Lodz Ghetto Captured in Unauthorized Photos During WWII

  • A man walking in winter in the ruins of the synagogue on Wolborska street (destroyed by Germans in 1939)
  • Henryk Ross was one of over 3 million Jews living in Poland at the start of World War II
  • As a photographer for the Department of Statistics for the Jewish Council (or Judenrat ), he was responsible for documenting life in Lodz's Jewish

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Album of photographs of Germans in Poland, 1939

  • 48 photographic prints ; 7 x 10 cm
  • | Photographs show German resettlement activities in Poland in winter, ca
  • Includes German SS soldiers; Polish soldiers who surrendered for their "self-protection"; groups of peasant farmers with wagons in the snow; farms; family groups of farmers and children
  • Includes Russian repatriation commission in Lublin and a Nazi Gauleiter …

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State Archives in Lodz Poland

  • Management Board of the Warsaw Ghetto 1939-1945; Construction projects in Lodz, 1867-1918, commercial and private, official records; Lodz Poland Online Genealogy records for organizations that have indexed Lodz Archive scans
  • SEZAM and ZoSIA This chart displays several sheets of the State Archive in Lodz’ inventoried collections.

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History & Overview of Lodz Ghetto

  • Only seven days after the attack on Poland began, however, Lodz was occupied
  • Within days of Lodz's occupation, the Jews of the city became targets for beatings, robberies, and seizure of property
  • Six days after the occupation of Lodz, on September 14, 1939, was Rosh Hashanah , one of the holiest days within the Jewish religion.

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The Lodz Ghetto – Historical Background

  • Lodz was Poland's textile center and many Jews worked within this industry
  • On September 8, 1939, the Germans occupied Lodz
  • They annexed it to the Reich and renamed it Litzmannstadt (after the German General Karl Litzmann, who had captured the city in World War I)
  • Persecution of Jews began immediately after the occupation of the city.

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Anarchist groups in Poland

  • At the beginning of July anachocommunists from Lodz sent two delegates to the conference in Kowno, where “Federation of Anarchist Communist Groups of Lithuania and Poland” was established
  • The program of the new organization were proclaimed, stating that “the anarchist aim at the revolution” which should bring “the anarchist system”.

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Poland, Łódź Ghetto Register Books, 1939-1944 (USHMM)

  • Łódż, Poland, Ghetto Hospital Death Records, 1941-1944
  • This database contains the names of individuals who died in the Lodz Ghetto Hospital(s) between 24 November 1941 and 18 June 1944
  • Information was extracted from two sources: (1) the Ghetto Hospital Records, and (2) the Statistical Office Records.

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1942 color street map of Litzmannstadt (Łódź), Poland

  • 1942 map of Litzmannstadt (Łódź), Poland with an alphabetical street directory
  • The city had been occupied and annexed by Nazi Germany one week after the September 1, 1939, invasion
  • The Germans renamed the city Litzmannstadt, after the General Karl Litzmann, who had conquered the city during World War I
  • Łódź had the second largest

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  • YIVO (YIVO) More than 145,000 Jews were deported from Łódź to Chełmno (16 January–12 September 1942, and 23 June–14 July 1944) and to Auschwitz-Birkenau (9–29 August 1944)
  • Initially, those taken were alleged troublemakers, criminals, and nonworkers, including children and the elderly.

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  • autonomous Jewish community in Poland while telling the story of the Lodz kehile 2 in particular
  • Poland's second largest city and major industrial center was home to nearly a quarter million Jews comprising a third of the city's population by 1939
  • Lodz was second only to Warsaw among the more than 800 kehiles in Poland.

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A Jewish History of Lodz, Poland, by Daniel Kazez

  • 13 October 1939 The Nazis appoint a Judenrat (Jewish Council), known in Lodz as an Altestenrat
  • (Council of Elders), with Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski as head.
  • Lodz is officially annexed to the Reich
  • 11 November 1939 The Commissioner of Lodz issues a decree to identify non-German shop owners:

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Lodz Ghetto, Litzmannstadt Ghetto

  • 1939 September 1 - The Second World War broke out
  • German armies attacked Poland and occupied Lodz a few days later
  • Even before the repression of the Polish and Jewish population of Lodz began, thousands of Jews escaped abroad in fear of persecution and antisemitism; the wealthy, to France and Switzerland, many others to Eastern Poland and to

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Lodz, Poland Jewish History Tour

  • The Lodz ghetto was the last ghetto to be liquidated in Poland
  • Only 800 Jews, the Aufraeumungskommando (the detachment that cleaned up the dead, helped with the deportation of Jews and dismantled the factories) and those in hiding (about 70) remained in the ghetto when it was liberated by the Soviets in January 1945 .

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Polish History (Part 3)

  • 1939-11-12 Jews in Lodz, Poland, ordered to wear a yellow star of David; Historic Event
  • 1939-11-23 Nazi Governor of Poland Hans Frank requires Jewish Poles above the age of 11 years to wear a blue Star of David
  • Lawyer and Nazi War Criminal Hans Frank.

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Lodz-Names: A Record of the 240,000 Inhabitants of the

  • Prior to World War II, one-third of the 665,000 inhabitants of the city of Łódź were Jewish
  • On September 8, 1939, the city was aptured by the Germans and renamed "Litzmannstadt"
  • In February 1940, a ghetto was created and, in April, was sealed off with wooden fences and barbed wire
  • Transports arrived from many other towns

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Synagogues of Lodz

  • --from The Destruction of the Synagogues in Lodz, by Rabbi Shimon Huberband, 1909-1942
  • The synagogue was burned on the night of November 15-16, 1939 during the Nazi occupation
  • No trace of the synagogue remains today
  • At present, the site consists of blocks of apartments.

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Guilt without atonement: When Nazi Germany occupied Lodz

  • Nazi Germany's armed forces, the Wehrmacht, conquered the Polish city of Lodz on September 8, 1939, just one week after invading the country
  • On Adolf Hitler's orders, Lodz was renamed Litzmannstadt.

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October 9, 1939 – Dawid Sierakowiak Holocaust Memorial

  • October 9, 1939 - Dawid Sierakowiak
  • The Diary of Dawid Sierakowiak Dawid Sierakowiak was only 15 years old when Germany invaded his hometown of Lodz, Poland
  • He had already begun keeping a diary before the war, so his writing chronicled the changes brought about by the Nazis

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Lodz, Poland (Englsih Pages 7-13)

  • On the first day of September, 1939 the Germans invaded Poland
  • On the 8th day of September, 1939 the German Army entered Lodz, and this was the beginning of the German occupation and of the most tragic period in the Jewish history of Lodz

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Invasion of Poland Photographs World War II Database

Wilhelm Keitel in a staff car, Lodz, Poland, Sep 1939: German Ju 87 Stuka dive bombers flying over German troops, Poland, Sep 1939: Polish volunteer policemen watching German aircraft in the sky, Grand Theatre, Warsaw, Poland, Sep 1939: A young boy sitting next to his dead mother, recently killed by strafing German aircraft, near Jana Ostroroga

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Jewish Records Indexing Poland

  • Gubernia: Piotrkow Province: Lodz
  • Click for Google Map or JewishGen Resource Map Latitude: 51°45'00 Longitude: 19°28'00 USBGN: -513,922
  • Click here for surnames from indexing of records in the PSA Lodz Project — 1878-1901
  • Click here for surnames from indexing of records in the PSA Lodz Project — 1889-1905

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Lodz in Poland and the famous Lodz Ghetto

  • Lodz in Poland and the famous Lodz Ghetto Łódż in Poland is a beautiful and unusual but energetic city
  • Łódż ghetto was established by Nazi German in 1939
  • It was the second-largest ghetto in all German-occupied Europe
  • Lodz is a truly green city with around 40 parks
  • The oldest park is Źródliska Park (1840).

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  • Between 1939 to 1945, Die Deutsche Hebamme, the journal of the German midwives’ association, published reports by Reich German midwives active in or affiliated with the midwives’ association
  • In line with Nazi propaganda, Marie Bigott reported on their pursuit of the goal of Germanizing occupied Poland

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Peter Baruch: My Story <br/>Part One: Escape from Poland

  • In 1939 Lodz was the 3rd largest city in Poland, about 3 a three hour drive from the capital, Warsaw
  • It had a population exceeding 700,000: around one third were Jewish, one third German and one third Polish
  • It was a very sophisticated, cosmopolitan city with many beautiful buildings, parks, cafes, restaurants, museums, concerts and galleries.

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Lodz ghetto scrip, 10 mark note, given to a survivor

  • The scrip was designed by the Judenrat [Jewish Council] of the Lodz ghetto
  • The ghetto was liquidated by the Germans in August 1944
  • Scrip with a receipt value of 10 marks issued beginning May 15, 1940, in the Jewish ghetto in Lodz, Poland, renamed Litzmannstadt by the Germans following their occupation of Poland in September 1939.

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Map, 1930 to 1939, Poland, Military Maps Library of Congress

  • Polʹsha Catalog Record Only Topographic quadrangle maps of Poland Relief shown by contours and spot heights
  • Date of information printed in upper margin at left, for example: 1889-90 g.g

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Country of Ash: A Jewish Doctor in Poland, 1939-1945 by

  • Country of Ash: A Jewish Doctor in Poland, 1939-1945
  • Country of Ash is the starkly compelling, original chronicle of a Jewish doctor who miraculously survived near-certain death, first inside the Lodz and Warsaw ghettoes, where he was forced to treat the Gestapo, then on the Aryan side of Warsaw, where he hid under numerous disguises.

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Shtetl Curriculum Guide/Timeline Of Events FRONTLINE PBS

  • The first resistance takes place in Poland by Jewish youth
  • 165,000 people in 1.6 square miles are sealed in Lodz ghetto

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Shimon Srebrnik: Born Lodz, Poland, 1930; Survived Chelmno

  • Shimon Srebrnik was born in 1930 in Lodz, Poland
  • He was nine years old when on September 1, 1939 the Germans invaded his country and World War II began
  • Shimon and his family were forced into the Lodz ghetto, where, at the age of 13, he saw his father murdered.

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Dawid Sierakowiak. Schoolboy from Lodz

Lodz, Poland 09/09/1939 In the morning they posted an announcement in Polish and German (German first) calling on people to remain calm when the German troops march in.

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The Holocaust Memorial in Lodz

  • When the Nazis occupied Lodz in 1939, the Jewish population numbered over 233,000, about one-third of the total
  • In August 1944, following Himmler’s order in May for the liquidation of the ghetto, the Jewish population was 68,000
  • They were deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau, where most were gassed on arrival.

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