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Online Calculators Free Calculator

  • Online calculators and converters have been developed to make calculations easy, these calculators are great tools for mathematical, algebraic, numbers, engineering, physics problems
  • Easy and convenient to use and of great help to students and professionals.   DA: 24 PA: 24 MOZ Rank: 49

School Age Calculator USA

  • Use the school age calculator Florida to determine starting the year for kindergarten based on child’s age
  • New York does not have a standard state-wide cut-off age to attend school and entry requirements are set by local school boards
  • The most common age requirement set by schools is that children are 5 years old before the 1st of   DA: 17 PA: 3 MOZ Rank: 22

Web 2.0 scientific calculator

  • online calculator provides basic and advanced mathematical functions useful for school or college
  • You can operate the calculator directly from your keyboard, as well as using the buttons with your mouse.   DA: 14 PA: 14 MOZ Rank: 31


  • The TI-83 Plus is a fully featured scientific calculator, perfect for advanced courses in middle school and high school
  • This model is even capable enough to handle some advanced graphing functions, including parametric, polar, and sequential graphing
  • Flash memory helped define the TI-83 Plus above it's predecessors, opening up possibilities   DA: 25 PA: 25 MOZ Rank: 54

Smarter Balanced Calculators

  • High School Scientific, Graphing, & Regression; Smarter Balanced Calculators: Powered by Desmos
  • Smarter Balanced and Desmos are proud to offer calculators that are both free to students and include cutting edge accessibility features
  • Built with universal design in mind, the calculators provide features and resources for students with a   DA: 30 PA: 30 MOZ Rank: 65

Online Calculators

  • Archimedes' Principle Formula Calculator
  • Circular Velocity, Radius and Time Calculator
  • Efficiency of Heat Engine Calculator.   DA: 19 PA: 25 MOZ Rank: 50

Desmos Scientific Calculator

A beautiful, free online scientific calculator with advanced features for evaluating percentages, fractions, exponential functions, logarithms, trigonometry, statistics, and more.   DA: 14 PA: 11 MOZ Rank: 32

The Best Free Online Calculator

  • Large, easy and convenient online calculator
  • Use for work, school or personal calculations
  • You can make not only simple math calculations and calculation of interest on the loan and bank lending rates, the calculation of the cost of works and utilities.   DA: 16 PA: 16 MOZ Rank: 40

Online Calculator

  • Everybody needs a Calculator at some point -- Full Screen, Fast Loading and FREE! Check it out! Online Calculator! From the Simple Calculator below, to the Scientific or BMI Calculator
  • - "Online Calculator" always available when you need it
  • More calculators will be added soon - as well as many new great features.   DA: 25 PA: 25 MOZ Rank: 59

Algebra Calculator

  • Calculate equations, inequatlities, line equation and system of equations step-by-step
  • Get step-by-step solutions from expert tutors as fast as 15-30 minutes   DA: 16 PA: 26 MOZ Rank: 52

Grade Calculator

  • This free grade calculator can calculate a weighted average grade
  • It accepts both numerical as well as letter grades
  • It can also find the grade needed for the remaining assessments to attain a target final grade
  • Explore the GPA calculator, as well as hundreds of other calculators.   DA: 18 PA: 22 MOZ Rank: 51

2021 College Chances Calculator

  • In spite of the data drawbacks mentioned above, this college admissions calculator does a stellar job at helping you to understand your competitiveness for acceptance at a college given your academic performance
  • In general, the predictor can help determine if a school is a far reach, reach, possible or safety school for free.   DA: 18 PA: 30 MOZ Rank: 60

Online Calculators For Teachers and Students

  • Calculators to make your computations a snap
  • Online Calculators For Teachers and Students
  • The calculators below will allow you to analyze a variety of data.   DA: 20 PA: 23 MOZ Rank: 56

GPA Calculator Calculate School/College Grade Point

  • College GPA Calculator is an online web application that helps you to calculate your college, high school, or cumulative grade point average
  • Also, it's a free and easy-to-use tool
  • Just select the grades and enter credit hours and get the results within a second   DA: 12 PA: 12 MOZ Rank: 38

Student Loan Calculator

  • Free calculator to evaluate student loans by estimating the interest cost, helping to understand the balance, and evaluating pay off options
  • Also learn more about student loans and a number of alternatives, experiment with other loan related calculators, or explore many more calculators addressing topics such as finance, math, fitness, and health.   DA: 18 PA: 29 MOZ Rank: 62

Studying of mathematics online

  • Using these online calculators, you can solve a problem or verify the correctness of your solution
  • For a solution of the task it is enough to select the necessary online calculator and to input the task data, the program will fulfil all evaluations and will give the detailed step by step answer.   DA: 17 PA: 17 MOZ Rank: 50

College Chances Calculator

  • This chance me admissions probability calculator computes the chance of admission to a college based on historical admissions data
  • Or choose from some common schools Massachusetts Institute of Technology   DA: 13 PA: 9 MOZ Rank: 39

- The School Calculators Program

  • At we believe that students and teachers who use math technology in the classroom are more likely to build a classroom of success
  • For the past several years, has been committed to providing high quality used graphing calculators to schools through the School Calculators Program.   DA: 20 PA: 20 MOZ Rank: 58

Online calculators to solve mathematical tasks

  • Free online calculators to solve mathematical tasks
  • - Collection of online calculators which will help you to solve mathematical tasks fast
  • For a solution of the task it is enough to select the necessary online calculator and to input the task data, the program will fulfil …   DA: 17 PA: 17 MOZ Rank: 53

SCHOOL & LAB. Calculators CASIO

  • School calculators with 2-line display
  • Powerful, original Financial Consultant features take much of the work out of financial calculations! Powerful supporting tool for conducting workshops and creating teaching materials for classes
  • Casio apps for mobile devices are equipped with many powerful functions for the study of mathematics.   DA: 18 PA: 21 MOZ Rank: 59

Grade Calculator Middle School GPA Calculator

  • Looking for a middle school GPA calculator without credits? If so, check out this calculator
  • 4 Point Grade Scale 4.0 Point Grade Scale (+/-) 4.00 Point Grade Scale (+/-) 4.000 Point Grade Scale (+/-) 4.33 Point Grade Scale (+/-) 5 Point Grade Scale (+/-) 12 Point Grade Scale (+/-) The grade chart below shows   DA: 24 PA: 48 MOZ Rank: 93

Online Financial Calculator: Free Basic Math Calculator

  • Payment (PMT) This is the payment per period
  • To calculate a payment the number of periods (N), interest rate per period (i%) and present value (PV) are used
  • For example, to calculate the monthly payment for a 5 year, $20,000 loan at an annual rate of 5% you would need to: Enter 20000 and press the PV button   DA: 27 PA: 26 MOZ Rank: 75

Free Online Scientific Calculator With Degrees

  • Free Online Scientific Calculator from is a multifunctional tool which allows you to calculate algebraic and trigonometric functions (percentages, unit conversions, roots, exponential functions, equation solving) and much more
  • You can use our online scientific calculator just like you would use a real calculator.   DA: 12 PA: 26 MOZ Rank: 61

Texas Instruments Calculators and Education Technology

  • See why Texas Instruments (TI) is the #1 recommended brand of graphing calculator in the U.S
  • Download free math, science and STEM lessons
  • Update your calculator to the latest OS
  • Access guidebooks and learn to use your TI calculator for math, science, coding or …   DA: 16 PA: 16 MOZ Rank: 56

School Calendar Calculator To Calculate Class Days Remaining

  • School Calendar Calculator to Calculate The Number of Class Days Left
  • This free online school year calculator will create an interactive school calendar template based on the dates of the first and last day of class
  • You can set the school day calculator to exclude US federal holidays (plus Good Friday) and related common breaks, and then   DA: 34 PA: 32 MOZ Rank: 91

High School GPA Calculator

  • High School GPA Calculator – Instructions
  • Step 1 – Select your grade format
  • Step 2 – Enter your current GPA (optional) Step 3 – Enter your semester name (Optional) Step 4 – Add all courses to calculate your high school GPA
  • Step 5 – Add another semester if you would like to calculate multi-semester GPAÂ.   DA: 17 PA: 28 MOZ Rank: 71

School Age Calculator UK

  • The table below outlines the child age for each school grade in the England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales
  • In the UK students in reception are 4 or 5 years old
  • In Year 1 students are 5 or 6 years old
  • In year 3 students are 7 or 8 years old
  • Students finish primary school in …   DA: 17 PA: 3 MOZ Rank: 47

BAH Rate Calculator and GI Bill BAH

  • This applies when attending online courses exclusively
  • RELATED: Online Colleges for Military
  • Calculate Your Post 9/11 Monthly Housing Rate for 2020/2021 School Year
  • You can use the calculator to determine the Post 911 GI Bill BAH rate for the 2020/2021 school …   DA: 16 PA: 16 MOZ Rank: 60

School Day Calculator Otherwise

  • The calculator assumes a 5 day school week and that lesson time is divided equally between all children in the class with no time wasted
  • It does not take into account time that may be spent arriving to class, packing up at the end, handing out resources, whole class instruction and the myriad other ways in which lessons are interrupted.   DA: 19 PA: 23 MOZ Rank: 71

Afgeleide calculator

  • Online calculators and converters have been developed to make calculations easy, these calculators are great tools for mathematical, algebraic, numbers, engineering, physics problems
  • Easy and convenient to use and of great help to students and professionals.   DA: 24 PA: 34 MOZ Rank: 88

College Calculators

  • Use Bankrate's college savings calculators and other education calculators to figure college savings goals and in-school budgeting needs.   DA: 16 PA: 21 MOZ Rank: 68

Easy Online Gpa Calculator

  • GPA Calculator is an online web application that helps you to calculate college high school and cumulative grade point average
  • Our easy to use college GPA calculator will help you calculate your GPA and stay on top of your study grades in just minutes
  • Our free middle school GPA calculator can help you stay on top of your grades and help you   DA: 21 PA: 40 MOZ Rank: 93

Scientific Calculator

  • A scientific calculator supports calculations of trigonometric functions, such as sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, etc
  • Using this calculator, you can find the logarithm of a number, raise to a power, find a root square and, moreover, a nth root
  • A scientific calculator is easy to use online-there is no need to download   DA: 16 PA: 12 MOZ Rank: 61

Calculator Genius

  • Fence Paint & Stain Calculator
  • Keyword Traffic and Revenue Estimator.   DA: 24 PA: 24 MOZ Rank: 82

Recommended Calculators

  • If you decide not to buy a calculator, Web2.0 is a great, free online scientific calculator and Desmos is a great, free online graphing calculator
  • We recommend the TI-30X IIS or TI – 30XA scientific calculator (approximately $12), but really any scientific calculator will work for any LAU class   DA: 14 PA: 25 MOZ Rank: 74

Online school calculator with letters

  • letters, online school calculator with letters and online : understanding of the subject
  • I’ve been trying to : solve those questions since the past 4 days now and : still haven’t been able to solve even a single one of : them   DA: 12 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 98

Pupil Age Calculator Teaching Tool Pupil Asset

  • Our industry-leading school MIS software, and school Pupil Tracker, empower teachers and leaders to harness data and realise the potential of every pupil, across all of your schools
  • Make informed decisions with easy to use reporting and analysis for attendance, behaviour, attainment and progress.   DA: 18 PA: 26 MOZ Rank: 81

Online Calculators / Online Calculators

  • For the 2018–19 school year, an online calculator will be available through NC Test for students to use on all mathematics and science tests that require calculator use
  • The online calculator will meet the minimum calculator requirement for the specific assessment
  • Students will have the options to use the online calculator, a hand-held   DA: 22 PA: 12 MOZ Rank: 72

High precision calculator

  • High precision calculator (Calculator) allows you to specify the number of operation digits (from 6 to 130) in the calculation of formula
  • The Calculator automatically determines the number of correct digits in the operation result, and returns its precise result
  • The Calculator can calculate the trigonometric, exponent, Gamma, and Bessel functions for the complex number.   DA: 16 PA: 11 MOZ Rank: 66

Math School Calculator

  • This school calculator for kids will make your math easier and more fun
  • Do basic calculator functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on your personalized decimal calculator and finish your math assignment at the speed of light! You will look forward to solving math equations because you have this user-friendly math   DA: 15 PA: 19 MOZ Rank: 74

Student Loan Calculator

  • Enter the details of your student loan into the calculator below to see your personal results   DA: 16 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 9

School Age Calculator Otherwise

  • Use our school day calculator to work out how much time your child gets with their teacher each day
  • You’ll be surprised at the results
  • What is a summer-born child? Children who are born between 1st April and 31st August are sometimes referred to as summer born children.   DA: 19 PA: 23 MOZ Rank: 84

The Casio SL-100L 8-digit display solar calculator is easy

  • Shop The Casio SL-100L 8-digit display solar calculator is easy to read with its big display
  • Its folding case makes this basic calculator perfect to use at home or away
  • Calculator is supported with large keys for faster data input
  • online at University of South Carolina Official Bookstore   DA: 16 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 7

The Casio SL-100L 8-digit display solar calculator is easy

  • Shop The Casio SL-100L 8-digit display solar calculator is easy to read with its big display
  • Its folding case makes this basic calculator perfect to use at home or away
  • Calculator is supported with large keys for faster data input
  • online at Texas A&M University Official …   DA: 18 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 6

Online math resources for high school calculus and graphing

  • Online Graphing Calculator by EMathHelp An online 2-D graphing calculator that can plot explicit, implicit, polar, and parametric graphs
  • You have lots of options for styling the graph (the axes, the tick marks, the grid, and the labels) and can export hte image as .svg, .png, or .jpg file.   DA: 22 PA: 20 MOZ Rank: 87

Online Algebra Calculator for Solving All Types of Math

  • A Data Record is a set of calculator entries that are stored in your web browser's Local Storage
  • If a Data Record is currently selected in the "Data" tab, this line will list the name you gave to that data record
  • If no data record is selected, or you have no entries stored for this calculator…   DA: 34 PA: 24 MOZ Rank: 4

Combat Level Calculator Old School RuneScape

  • Old School RuneScape Combat Level Calculator
  • Made specifically for OSRS, easy to use and up-to-date osrs combat level calc.   DA: 15 PA: 25 MOZ Rank: 87

Online Law School Admissions Calculators and Predictor

Law school admissions calculators use your LSAT score and GPA to determine the probability that you will be accepted to a particular law school.Although LSAT score and GPA are not the only factors in the application review process, these admissions calculator tools provide a helpful quantitative assessment of your overall law school admissions chances.   DA: 17 PA: 42 MOZ Rank: 2

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