.FR Domain Name

.FR Domain Name displays a list of all domains with .fr extension. The system updates continuously in seconds, so you need fresh to see the latest list of domain names with .fr extension

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Listing a list of domain names with .fr extension

DomainIP ServerCityCountry
› Wonit.fr185.25.23.56Greece
› Remorqueco.fr213.186.33.5France
› Ypsa.fr195.144.11.124France
› Lestutosmaths.fr198.47.28.74PlanoUnited States
› Sisrep.fr213.186.33.4France
› Piano-partage.fr217.160.0.249Germany
› Blog.ldt.fr46.105.244.69France
› Datacorner.fr217.160.0.21Germany
› Mail.cwf.fr81.252.208.39France
› Depannage-osny.fr51.91.2.4United Kingdom
› Peugeot-osny.fr52.19.49.211DublinIreland
› Breadnbutter.fr23.236.62.147United States
› Clg-dillon2.ac-martinique.fr81.248.5.165Le LamentinMartinique
› Nilai.fr178.32.102.157France
› 1plsd.fr104.219.250.52United States
› Self.univ-grenoble-alpes.fr129.88.175.34MontbonnotFrance
› Taproductions.fr213.186.33.19France
› Assurance-bateaux-pas-cher.fr195.60.188.186France
› Josephpitat.clg.ac-guadeloupe.fr194.57.236.59France
› Mecenat-sarthe.fr104.24.106.49San FranciscoUnited States