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Liberty Bay Recovery Center Portland Maine offers individualized care, residential, outpatient and detox treatment for those individuals suffering from substance abuse.

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Get inspired by these 29 celebrities that overcame mental illness or depression and shared their story of recovery with the world. Click here to learn more about celebrities with mental illness, or call Morningside Recovery today at 855-729-5544 for mental health treatment.

3 (4 days ago)

Many musicians like Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison struggled with drug addiction. Here are 7 painful songs about being enslaved by addiction.

4 (3 days ago)

Looking for a place to board your beloved pet? Look no further than Cozy Canine Camp Crownsville, MD! Call 410-923-2010 to make your appointment today!

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The Last Resort Recovery sits in a beautiful Location between Austin and Houston. We offer inpatient addiction rehab for men. Call 877-287-0785.

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The Willows at Red Oak Recovery specializes in helping women find themselves through trauma-informed care. Call our women's facility today: 855-416-5355.

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In today's busy world, many pet parents can't provide the attention their dogs need. Call 410-923-2010 to learn about Cozy Canine Camp's doggy day care!

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Dreamscape Marketing optimizes websites for organic search, data driven SEO decisions, designed for user engagement, Call 888-412-7791 to rank better today

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Melrose Recovery Group is a men's and women's addiction treatment facility located in Los Angeles, CA. Call 866-942-4794 today to learn more.

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Are you interested in what The Last Resort Recovery schedule looks like? Click here to see our rehab schedule or call 877-287-0785.

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Have you or a loved one suffered a traumatic event? If so, reach out to The Willows for trauma therapy treatment. Call today at 855-416-5355 to learn more.

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Destinations for Teens is dedicated to providing the best possible addiction treatment for teens. To learn more, contact us now at 877-405-8438.

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