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1. (4 days ago)

Ordet karate stammar frå Okinawa og tyder ”tom hand”. Det er akkurat kva dette handlar om: sjølvforsvar utan bruk av våpen. Mange variantar av den japanske kampkunsten Karate blir i dag praktisera over heile verda.

2. (5 days ago)

Net Revenue £11.5 bn Like-for-like (LFL) growth 1 Flat Total reported growth +21% 1 Definitions of non-IFRS measures and their reconciliation to IFRS measures are shown on page 39 of the Annual Report

3. (11 days ago)

GeoLider. Mi smo geodetski biro koji Vam nudi svoje usluge koje obavljamo profesionalno, efikasno i povoljno: Merenje parcela; Legalizacija objekata

4. (10 days ago) Her holder vi styr på julegaver til alle søde børn i hele verden og sørger for udbringning. Lige nu mangler vi et kodeord til adresse-listen før vi kan komme igang.

5. (23 days ago)

Toggle navigation Gaeilge Iontach. An Cárta Céanna - rang a trí agus a ceathair. Aimsir; Ainmhithe; Bia; Bréagáin

6. (23 days ago)

Toggle navigation Gaeilge Iontach. An Cárta Céanna - rang a trí agus a ceathair. Aimsir; Ainmhithe; Bia; Bréagáin

7. (9 days ago)

ABALOBI Registration

8. (3 days ago)

Helteløpet blir kvart partallsår skipa til på Rauland. tilskipar er IL Dyre Vaa. Her er du velkomen som deltakar eller frivillig. Vi har ulike distansar tilpassa ulike behov.

9. (5 days ago)

Victoria Bateman's website, containing information on her writings on economics, economic history and feminism, and her naked protests, including against Brexit.

10. (6 days ago)

11. (7 days ago)

Disagree? That's OK, everyone has their opinion. However the Daily Mail screams its intolerance for all things in a most vile manner, pushing its narrow minded vision of the world.

12. (5 days ago)

Sportium Scores ©2019 sportium

13. (8 days ago)

Menlo Park resident's voter initiative will protect the town from unreasonable and excessive office development and loss of open space. This development threatens the town with more traffic congestion that endangers neighborhoods and with the loss of our community's residential character.

14. (6 days ago)

DIE Afrikaanse woordelys wat ondertoe op hierdie bladsy as 'n teks-item ("txt file") oopgemaak kan word, is gegrond op 'n enigsins onafgewerkte lys van 12.000 Nederlandse woorde.Die Nederlandse lys is blykbaar lukraak saamgestel en bevat letterlik honderde herhalings. Dié is in ons verwerking geskrap.

15. (7 days ago)

Working with Bokeh ¶ In [1]: import xarray as xr import numpy as np import pandas as pd import holoviews as hv import geoviews as gv import geoviews.feature as gf import cartopy from cartopy import crs as ccrs from bokeh.tile_providers import STAMEN_TONER from bokeh.models import WMTSTileSource hv. notebook_extension ('bokeh') xarray as xr import numpy as np import

16. (10 days ago)

Dr Stuart Grey. I teach aerospace engineering and engineering mathematics at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. My research involves precise orbit determination and force modelling of spacecraft and space debris.. I also run a number of public engagement activites centred around 3D printing and space debris for those who are traditionally under-represented in engineering.

17. (9 days ago)

What is the Timeline Editor¶ The Timeline Editor allows you to edit Motion layer, providing: a Worksheet view, displaying a detailed view of the Motion keyframes, a Curves view, allowing you to modify the Interpolation between Motion keyframes, an advanced Recording Mode.

18. (9 days ago)

First steps with NAO. NAO - Out of the box; Hello Guide; Configuring NAO for the first time; Daily use; Configuring and settings; More details about NAO; Apps 2.1 Store; Taking care of NAO; NAO - Technical Guide; ASK NAO Interface - V2 - User Guide; Romeo Documentation; NAOqi Developer guide; Glossary; Legal notices «

19. (6 days ago)

Joka toinen meistä on sellainen – vapaaehtoinen! Keskiviikkona 5. joulukuuta Suomessa vietetään kansainvälistä Vapaaehtoisten päivää.

20. (13 days ago)

Portrait portfolio - Kris Olle is a Music, Portrait photographer in Horsham, West Sussex.

21. (22 days ago)

New York: One Grand Central Place, 60 E 42nd Street, Suite 630, New York NY 10165 Tel: +1 212 350 0100 London: 3rd Floor, Vintners’ Place, 68 Upper Thames Street, London, EC4V 3BJ Tel: +44 (0)20 3207 0200 Singapore: One Finlayson Green, #11-02, Singapore, 049246 Tel: +65 6305 2200

22. (4 days ago)

Whether you are a seasoned caravaner, or simply moving things with your own trailer, we have a towbar to sort you out. We supply and fit towbars for personal and commercial use and can normally get the work done within a couple of hours.

23. (12 days ago)

24. (8 days ago)

Geographics, purveyors of decadence in academia, has been around for fifteen years because people all over the world think that what we are doing is okay. Shop for Science on T-shirts. . . on-line.

25. (4 days ago)

Simtoto Danmark nu tilgængelig for iPhone: Hvis du ejer en iPhone, kan du nu få alle Simtoto tips til løb i Danmark lige her på din mobil! Søg efter applikationen "Simtoto Danmark" på App Store og køb den for kun 45 kroner.

26. (2 month ago)

לכבוד יום ההולדת ה-3 של זהות נצא למסע אופניים חוצה ערים ומגזרים, בואו לחגוג אתנו והצטרפו למסע

27. (5 days ago)

צולה את עצמך שוב המיטה הפכה לגריל חמש דקות לכל צד הופך, ועוד תסכול מגריל כי זה לא סילון של אש

28. (14 days ago)

29. (6 days ago)

KOM DANS KLARADYN Woorde: C.F. VISSER Musiek: S. LE R. MARAIS [2x] Kom dans Klaradyn, kom en dans weer met my op maat van die aandwind wat wieg oor die wei.

30. (6 days ago)

ODOT US 97 Bend to Redmond - Virtual Tour ODOT has launched a project that addresses safety on a nine mile corridor on U.S. 97 between the cities of Redmond and Bend. The project will identify and prioritize safety improvements for the corridor. The design of the selected improvements is expected to be completed by the end of 2019, with construction anticipated to begin in 2020.

31. (7 days ago)

Uoma The future of patient logistics. Uoma is a patient logistics solution that streamlines the patient transfer process by replacing an inefficient phone call mayhem with an intelligent routing software drawing inspiration from the modern consumer apps and generates valuable statistical insights on the side.

32. (20 days ago)

An email has been sent to verify your new profile. Please fill out all required fields before submitting your information.

33. (6 days ago)

Biografiese inligting. AUDREY BETTIE BLIGNAULT (née Swart) is op 6 Julie 1916 op Bredasdorp gebore.Sy matrikuleer in 1933 op dié dorp en gaan studeer Afrikaanse letterkunde aan die Universiteit van Stellenbosch.

34. (13 days ago)

Welcome to Green Widow. I am Rachel Green, the widow in question who, when my husband died suddenly, was Green by name and green by nature – totally naïve and ignorant of anything to do with bereavement.

35. (1 month ago)

36. (29 days ago)

Creu enwau i baent. Mae T. Llew Jones yn gwneud llawer o ddefnydd o liwiau yn y gerdd hon: ‘Rhai mewn melyn, gwyrdd a choch, a rhai mewn porffor hardd.’

37. (8 years ago)

Sending Keystrokes to Your (Virtual) Machines using X, Vnc , Rdp or Native ways . Options overview. The most common way to interact with a virtual machine is by remote login via ssh. This blogpost is about a different way of interaction: it will show you how to send keystrokes (or mouse) directly to the remote screen of the machine. This can be

38. (10 days ago)

Nexxus UAE is a part of the international Nexxus Financial Network - the global leader in providing financial technology solutions to SMEs in emerging markets. With thousands of small businesses trusting Nexxus each day for their financial services needs, the Nexxus 361 platform is the empowering force to grow small businesses in emerging

39. (7 days ago)

Get to Know more about Lewes. Lewes is the country town of East Sussex in Southeast England. Currently, there are about 17000 population residing in Lewes.

40. (7 days ago)

Vigil IoT provides templates for secure rule based IoT solutions for remote monitoring of your premises. Following are just example use cases for Vigil IoT deployment.

41. (5 days ago)

שלחתי יד אל העבר, / בריכת שדים סגורה שחורה. / מושיט האצבע בהיסוס. / ואז מושך בחזרה. // יצרתי קשר להיסטוריה / שכבר התקדמה מאז. / בחששות כבדים פניתי / אל האנטר הנועז. // אז בלב כבד שלחתי / חץ עמום אל המרחק.

42. (21 days ago)

The Journal of Conflictology is an interdisciplinary journal on conflict resolution. It examines the application of conflict resolution theories and provides knowledge on the practice of non-violence through a realistic and scientific approach.

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