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Private Equity Quarterly Index – PrEQIn Download Data The Need for a Private Equity Index Returns from private equity funds are typically measured using IRRs and multiples. These are appropriate measures of the returns from these types of long-term investments and enable direct comparisons of private equity funds to other

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• a sole trader, the licence will be issued in the name of the individual who applied for it • an ‘ordinary’ partnership, the licence will be issued in the partnership's

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PREQIN SECONDARY MARKET UPDATE, Q3 2017 FUNDS IN MARKET A s of the start of Q4 2017, there are 44 secondaries vehicles in market seeking aggregate capital of $31bn (Fig. 5). Although this is the same number of funds as was in the market at the start of

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Malmö Games 2015. Malmo Games is Europe’s biggest athletic competition during the indoor season. The event combines the world’s best athletes with a unique and entertaining show.

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furniture trade and has steadily been losing its share of the global furniture manufacturing, having moved from the 34 th largest exporter in 2005 to 43 rd in 2006.

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What is eco-fashion? Eco-fashion is about making clothes that take into account the environment, the health of consumers and the working conditions of people in the fashion industry. Eco-fashion clothes: are made using organic raw materials, such as cotton grown without pesticides and silk made by worms fed on organic trees ; dont involve the use of harmful chemicals and bleaches to colour fabrics

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2.2 Hypernetworks A hypernetwork (Ha et al., 2017; Brabandere et al., 2016; Bertinetto et al., 2016) is a neural net that outputs parameters of another neural net (the “primary network”).3 The hypernet and primary net together form a single model which is trained by backpropagation.

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